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The standard in gold since 1970.

The Cargo Hold

Ornamental ironwork found throughout the country has inspired the Southern Gates® Collection. The delicate designs once forged in iron represent a legacy that continues through the presence of iron gates in cities and towns across the country and around the globe. The filigree, scroll and tracery patterns found in the Southern Gates® Collection are unique, yet familiar. The Southern Gates® represent timeless tradition that any woman can wear. 

Victor Inc.

A family owned and operated company, the Victor Corporation was established in 1946. Victor is a full service fine jewelry manufacturer featuring a complete line of diamond jewelry, color rings, earrings, pendants and bracelets. The Victor line emphasizes fashion, bridal and popular items that are ageless.

The FIREFLIES collection features center diamonds that twinkle and move within a patented frame setting. As the diamond flutters, the facets refract beams of light like a shining star or a firefly at twilight on a beautiful summer night. FIREFLIES are sure to make an emotional connection with your loved one and is definitely a must-have for your jewelry collection. FIREFLIES styles include not only classic and traditional shapes with round diamond centers but also magnificent princess cut diamond centers that evoke sophisticated elegance. Available in various total weights and styles from the classic to the modern.

Overnight Mountings

Mountings - Semi-mounts - Finished Jewelery

Kasper & Esh

Manufacturers of beautiful Add-A-Link Bracelets.

Quality Gold

Your complete jewelry source.

Citizen Watch Company

A pioneer in watchmaking and innovative technology.

Eco-drive & Quartz Movements

Seiko Watch Company

Since 1881 - Dedicated to perfection.

Automatic - Kinetic - Solar - Quartz Movements

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